Hi all, building your Blog with following my article can definitely help you to get more understand and easier to be done by you. In this page i would like to share some of the best "Webmaster Forum". As we know that by coming to the forum, you will improve significantly your knowledge about internet marketing. Moreover, when you build your Blog sometimes you get stuck or trouble that you must to fix it, these kind of problem can be done by coming to the webmaster forum to "ASK" them.  

The benefit of joining these Forum are:
  • Get wide knowledge relating about internet marketing.
  • Having interaction between you and Webmaster around the world in where you can ask and answer the question.
  • The most important is to get friends as much as possible, chances are they will help you improve your Blog such as backlink,visitor,knowledge, even can increase your PR (Pagerank).
There have some Webmaster Forum that you can visit and join it, i will explain one by one to help you more understand and choose the right forum. At least 6 Popular Webmaster Forum you must join:
  1. Forum Digital Point, this is one of the greatest forum recently, this forum provides many benefit like you can buy or sell domain,have various internet marketing program knowledge like adsense,ppc,affiliate and many more, around 6 categories such as search engine, marketing, business, design & development, product & tools and the digital point  
  2. JIS Portal, For those of you are from Indonesia, this can help you to increase your internet marketing knowledge. There are many webmaster that you can find in this forum, it provides 4 main categories like community, Web design & development, Online business, General advertising & trading. The good way is they always make a gathering and event among their member as well as sharing their experience how to earn money online.
  3. SEDO, another great forum that where you can find many webmasters around the world. this forum is very benefit if you want to buy or sell domain name both high PR and just a domain name instead of internet marketing discussion. Some of them said that SEDO can be trusted for "Buy" or "Sell" domain with high PR.
  4. Indonesia Publisher Community, this another forum form Indonesia, some of webmaster gather in this forum as well to share their knowledge about internet marketing and usually called adsense-id, it looks like they focus of making money by Google Adsense. furthermore, this forum is active to make a gathering.
  5. Marketing Scoop, this forum almost similar with Indonesian Publisher Community, but looks more refer to english discussion. try it no have a regret to join this forum.
  6. Warrior Forum, some of webmaster also gather on this forum, they do an internet marketing discussion to share any information related with earn money online. even though no much category are available but this a good forum to learn. 

Chances are if you join to 6 popular webmaster forum is you are not only get much knowledge how to do internet marketing and improve your Blog in any ways but also you can earn money from this forum. for example like can you imagine how many people are gathering to this forum? so many webmaster around the world and by join up, you can definitely post what you have such as offering affiliate product, sell domain, link exchange to this forum so that people is able to see your post rather than just post into your Blog. "This is a Great opportunity right"
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