Sunday, August 21, 2011

Faster Way To Increase Pagerank and Blog Traffic

Both Page rank and blog traffic are definitely the two things that became the most important thing for bloggers. A variety of quick and instant way to increase page rank and blog traffic is always the best way in searching. Again, I am going to share with you about how to quickly improve the page rank and blog traffic in only one way. 
How to quickly increase the page rank and blog traffic, reserved only for those of you who want a page rank and blog traffic instantly. How to quickly increase the page rank and blog traffic is by distributing the link system using Multi-Level Marketing? For tips this time I will try to invite you all to take advantage of the awesomeness factor of time and speed the spread of this in the form of backlinks. (Note: try to use an honest way, If we do with honest way i believe your Blog will get much better than just cheat)

How To Quickly Increase Page Rank and Blog Traffic was fairly easy. All you have to do is put these links in your blog or an article or go directly Copas (copy paste) this article.

  1. Tips and Trick Blogger Optimization
  2. Intuisiblog
  3. SEOjaguars 
  4. Iklan baris
  5. Ki Dukun
  6. Blogobusiness
  7. Rosandika
  8. Brojomusti
  9. Zona Tutorial Blog
  10. Zona Review Blog 
  11. Zona Tutorial Bisnis 
  12. Ilmu 
  13. Sang Pengawas 
  14. Gendhogo Al-Ikhlas
  15. Gema Hati 
  16. Blogger Indonesia 
  17. SEO macan 
  18. Pakde SEO
  19. Intuisi  
  20. Optimalkan Indera Keenam 
  21. Seputar bisnis Online 
  22. Business 4 U 
  23. Anugrah Ilahi

How it works, you first put your blog link with anchor text like the above arrangement, then you delete the serial number to 23 from the list, so that all participants ride a level.Yang originally located at number 1 so the number 2, number 2 to 3 and so on. Then enter your blog link in position number one (1) or the top itself.
If each participant can take only 5 people, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained is

When positioning your blog first, the number of backlink = 1
Posisi 2, jml backlink = 5
Posisi 3, jml backlink = 25
Posisi 4, jml backlink = 125
Posisi 5, jml backlink = 625
Posisi 6, jml backlink = 3,125
Posisi 7, jml backlink = 15,625
Posisi 8, jml backlink = 78,125
Posisi 9, jml backlink = 390,625
Posisi 10, jml backlink = 1,953,125
So on


Moreover, if you plug in up to 10 positions only, and all using the keyword (anchor text) that you want. In terms of SEO, you've got 1,953,125 backlinks and side effects if a web visitor of the downline you clicked the link, automatically your blog will get extra traffic. Huge amount right.

Well, please copy and paste the article , Faster Way To Increase Pagerank and Blog Traffic and remove the participant number 23 and add a link blog / your website in position 1. Remember, you have to start from position 1 for maximum results. Once again try to use this method with honest way. Good Luck.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Start Earning Money With Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense

As high web development program demand, website or Blog are always becoming the most popular ways for advertiser. It means that the advertiser think by putting many ads on two Blog and Website can spread widely around the world rather than use manual advertising method. Looking at this reason Google has initiative to create something to help advertiser promote their ads on website and one of Google features called "Google Adsense". This program has been becoming the most popular pay per click program among others PPC out there. Basically, Google Adsense is a program which able to put any ads program through Website or Blog like text, image, and video advertisements as well so that Website owner can earn money from adding ads on their own site in order to be clicked by visitors. Watch Video Here


The Benefit Of Adsense

If you use Google Adsense in your Blog, you will definitely get some benefit from this program. One of benefit is you can earn money not just from one Blog, means that you can create more than one site no limitation of creating Blog. The more you create a Blog, the more you have a chance to be clicked by visitors. More benefit like it is "FREE" no single money to register in this Adsense program. Furthermore, Google set to be a simple way for Blog owner for putting Adsense ads program. It also give you various ways to promote ads like using text, video, link ads, picture as well as control your site earning with Google Analytical. Another benefit is Google will set all ads automatically depend on what content you have.  

How Adsense Works

Logically, there have three connection which are advertiser who advertize their ads, Google who as a intermediary, visitors who need a ads, these three will make Adsense works. Let say that advertiser need to promote their ads by giving banner,text,video to Google and Google will put their ads spreadly into Website or Blog owner after that visitor may look for information by clicking ads. More extrem example, you want to promote your Blog and people should use Google Adword let say you bid $10 per click, then Google will put your Blog ads to other Blog or Website in this case if there have any visitor click on this ads, the website owner will receive money maybe $7 from Google. The rest is taken by Google around $3 

Some Requirement Before Adding Adsense

Before you are going to register to add Adsense program to your site, it is better you must read some of requirement from Google otherwise you will feel dificult to be accepted. Having a Blog or Website is one of requirement. The most factor that you have to concern is must use own content no copy and paste from other sources, make sure your Blog or Website has been built around 6 month. After you sign up does not mean you do not do anything, you should keep updating an article so taht Google will look that your site is active. Beside that please prove a "VALID" information like address,email,name to run smootly. Read TOS of Adsense here 

How Much You Can Earn

It is not fix income that you can earn every month with the same amount of money, this can be fluctuated income. Some of reason why this can be happended because depend on what content you write, means that if you write with rich and popular content, you can get much ads on your site. On the other hand, if you writte no popular content you might end with community ads which no generate income due to less ads. The most influence factor of your earning is the way you place ads, you should try million times to get a better ads placement. High traffic also bring much impact, the more you have much visitor the more chance your ads are clicked by them. As a result, let's hurry start signing up Adsense program and earn money now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adding Google Plus Share Button In Blogger

In the last post, I had written about what is Google Plus, read here. Actually, the new features like Google Plus will help blogger to connect closer to reader because you have another more alternative social network to share what had been posted your article recently. In this tutorial, i would like to show you with two ways of adding Google Plus. The screenshoot will look like below

The first way is to add on your sidebar as a widget, for this way is not so difficult just follow simple steps below:
  1. Visit Google plus button official site.
  2. To create a custom +1 button, you need to choose size in this case there have 4 size like small, standard, medium, tall as well as what language you want to use it. For button review you can see on the right side.
  3. Below custom attribute, there has a script just copy and paste the following code into your Blog.
  4. Log in to your blogger account, choose design> add HTML widget, paste here and save it.

The second way can be done by adding script in your HTML code, all you have to do is to follow guides below:
  1. Go to blogger Dashboard > choose Design > Edit HTML.
  2. Before add or change something make sure you back up your template.
  3. Next, you must tick the Expand Widget Templates checkbox on top right of the code window.
  4. Find the code below in your HTML:

  1. After you find it, Paste the Google plus button code immediately below (after) it:

<!-- Google +1 button Start -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'>
<div style='float:left;padding:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<g:plusone expr:href="data:post.url" size="standard" count="true"></g:plusone>
<!-- Google +1 button End -->

  1. You can replace the size of by replacing the value of  size attribute. (change red color above with one of them : small, standard, tall or medium)
  2. For changing the button positioning if you wish, if you want to position it on top of post just place the button code before (instead of after) <data:post.body/>. And for Position on the right just change the float in line 4 from left to right.
  3. Save and look the result, the Google +1 button will appear on your Blog. Cool right. Watch Video here.

Get Alternative Social Network With Google Plus Button


As we know that almost all website or Blog is associated with social network to connect with their funs or people. The popular social network both twitter and facebook can get huge amount of member, social network is a common features to get along with each other and it is really useful especially for optimizing Blog. The next generation of social network feature is called "Google Plus". This is new feature which is created by Google and Larry Page (CEO of Google) claimed that Google Plus can become the most complete features compare with facebook which still to be number one social network around the word.  

It goes without saying that Google plus and pronounced “plus one” is a great button which looks similar to Facebook Like button or even tweet button. It shows to your friends that recommended your post. If we see Facebook Like shows them under the button in your post meanwhile for Google +1 shows them under your post in Google SERP (search engine results pages). In fact, this feature is taking an important metric the search giant to rank your content as well. Moreover, the more people hit the Google + on your article, the more opportunity your blog will be stood on the first line of Google Search Index.

Some of basic features of Google Plus like:

1.      Circle, you can make a group separately based on friend category, family, friends in office etc.
2.      Hangout, to show you that you are able to do online or webcam chat face to face with your friends as well as to set how many people want to talk with you.
3.      Sparks, in this feature, you can take any video or articles based on your hobby and save into your profile as a favorite one.


It is very essential for bloggers to take part in this social network as well as promote their blog. Furthermore, it is not only a sharing tool but also an important promoting one. Currently, almost all webmaster no matter who they are, pro or novice in SEO field, they have already add Google + button on their blogs, forum or any website, portal. It also allows your readers to recommend your posts to their Google friends and contacts right from your blog post. Basically, it will work on both multi-post pages (home page, archive etc.) and individual/post page etc. Another benefit is the Plus one button will have a major impact on your Search results, when a friend of yours does a search in Google, your +1s will count and you can also get a detailed report about the +1 metric in how it affects your search traffic over at Webmaster Tools.

Sometimes not all reader will definitely hit the button and promote your article even though you have reminded them. The most important thing is you need to be smart in the way of adding Google + button before let it draws more attention from readers to your blog.

However, some of people notice that Google +1 button method has one downside which is only displayed while your reader visits the article. But, it is not appear on the homepage, so that you may lost some opportunities to get more popular with Google +. Generally, I suggest you should add this button immediately into your Blog to get good impression as well as increase your value and ranking on Google Search Index. The next post i am going to teach you add Google Plus button, just keep following me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Add Related Post In Your Blog

If we look at on every Blogger site, when you are finishing read the article, sometimes they have another suggestion like related post or "you might also like". This means that you may find another aticle which provide similar topic related with the topic you has been read before. Actually, by adding this feature it can help you get comprehensive article so that you know much better than just one topic. the best thing if you add this feature is to make reader stay longer in your blog because they will find more than one interesting articles in what they look for. This is also increase the chance of subscribing your Blog because they think this blog provide much information. The screenshoot will look like below picture:

Today, i would like to help you how to make related post. Ok, just follow some simple step below:
  • Firstly, come visit this site will healp you to create related post like professional. Fill up all information on the box below, you also can choose how many relate article will be appear on your Blog.
  • After that you will see the instruction how to add linkwithin in your Blog, just follow these instruction and click install widget.

  • Next, you will choose where you want to add this feature in your Blog, then "Add Widget"

  • finally, you will see the related post "You might also like" appear on your Blog, in my suggestion, place this feature on the botton of article page. This will help people find easily especially after they read the article and you can provide some suggestion articles with picture as well. good Luck

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Create A High Quality Of Dummy Blog

The Purpose Of Dummy Blog

Recently, many webmaster are optimizing their Blog with various ways of employing search engine optimization, the main purpose is to increase Blog in order to get high PR (Pagerank) and good backlink to support their Blog. One of the best way and fast Blog improvement is by creating a "Dummy Blog". What is actually dummy Blog? a Dummy Blog can be defined like a Blog which has an important role to support our main Blog. It is usually webmasters use it to support their main Blog  because we can not only put our link but also place many affiliate products. The main reason why we must to create dummy blog is because some of people want to earn money from popular program like Paid Review. As we know that program like Paid Review in which need a high PR to be approved by this company. Because of this reason Blog need a backlink to support main blog so that when the main blog has many good backlink, Google automatically will increase Blog pagerank. The benefit of making dummy blog is the main Blog can get backlink easily from many dummy blog that we has created. 
Creating Dummy Blog

On this post i would like to share information to all of you in how to make a good quality dummy blog. In making a dummy blog we should not just make without no direction like just create and leave (Don't do this, this is a WRONG WAY). You must also optimizing as well, there have some of ways that you can follow below:
  • Firstable, to support your main blog, creating just one dummy blog is not a good way, you must creat at least 10 dummy blog. the more you has dummy blog, the better your blog support.
  • If you create a dummy blog, please make sure to use a different IP address, because if you use the same IP address Google might notice it and your dummy blog can become a spam. That is why by creating with variety of IP address, Google will see dummy blog as an independent blog from outside not from your blog. On the other hand, you also can create dummy blog with using autoblog like buying a bulk domain name and park your domain, you may try seoparking. There have many of blog creation outthere like: 
         1. (blogspot) (IP
         2. (IP
         3. (IP
         4. (IP
         5. (IP
         6. (IP
         7. blogger custom domain ( like using, IP )
         9. (IP
        10. (IP
  • Once you have create a various Blog, now you need to write some artichels. In this section, you must write original artichel (don't do copy-paste) because if you write by yourself this can help Google index your artichel faster than just copy from other blog instead of good for Google SERP. I strongly write your artichle at least 5 in each Blog. For example you have 10 blogs, in one Blog you must write 5 or 6 artichels.
  • For choosing a topic, i recomment you to write an artichel which related with your main Blog as well as choose the powerful keyword. For instant your main blog talking about game playstation, your dummy blog also must discuss about game playstation as well.
  • Next step is sometimes after you has written some artichels, you need to wait until your dummy blog is indexed by Google, it might take 7 days or less. It does not mean you can not do anything or finish your job here. Basically, dummy blog also need optimization the same with your main blog. dummy blog also need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like using meta tag, blog design, RSS feed to support dummy blog.
  • A dummy blog also need to do some promotion like submitting to popular search engine like Google,Yahoo and MSN, if you have a time submit to the submission directory will help you. Submitting to social network like facebook,twitter,digg,friendster,myspace and alos bookmark like addthis,blogcatalog,delicious all these will help dummy blog get much improvement in search engine.
  • As the main reason we create dummy for obtaining many backlink, to do that dummy blog should change from "nofollow" to "dofollow". Then you need to comment to blog which has a high PR, blogwalking is the best way.
  • Once Google has indexed our dummy blog, it is a great time to put your link from main blog into some dummy blog, you can put link into sidebar as a Blogroll and another way is to put link by using ancor text inside artichel post. The most important that you must to pay more attention is each dummy blog must be linked on each other, But "DON'T LINK MAIN BLOG INTO DUMMY BLOG".
  • If you have more time, you can create more second dummy blog, means these second dummy blog will support your dummy blog and dummy blog will support main blog.

In Conclusion, by following these guides above, hope will help you to increase your main blog which lead to the high Pagerank. With all dummy blogs support you, the main blog can be maintained easily so that if the main blog drop, the blog will no drop significantly. In my suggestion create 10 blog with high quality is much better than create 100 blog with low quality.        
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