Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Add Related Post In Your Blog

If we look at on every Blogger site, when you are finishing read the article, sometimes they have another suggestion like related post or "you might also like". This means that you may find another aticle which provide similar topic related with the topic you has been read before. Actually, by adding this feature it can help you get comprehensive article so that you know much better than just one topic. the best thing if you add this feature is to make reader stay longer in your blog because they will find more than one interesting articles in what they look for. This is also increase the chance of subscribing your Blog because they think this blog provide much information. The screenshoot will look like below picture:

Today, i would like to help you how to make related post. Ok, just follow some simple step below:
  • Firstly, come visit this site will healp you to create related post like professional. Fill up all information on the box below, you also can choose how many relate article will be appear on your Blog.
  • After that you will see the instruction how to add linkwithin in your Blog, just follow these instruction and click install widget.

  • Next, you will choose where you want to add this feature in your Blog, then "Add Widget"

  • finally, you will see the related post "You might also like" appear on your Blog, in my suggestion, place this feature on the botton of article page. This will help people find easily especially after they read the article and you can provide some suggestion articles with picture as well. good Luck


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