Thursday, September 29, 2011

Using Social Monkee For Getting backlink And Link Building


Hi all, recently i had been searching for ways to get backlink easily but of course high quality backlink and finally i found it. The best tool that i find is called "Social Monkee", this web is so powerful tool related with backlink because of user friendly. Moreover, Social Monkee has been used by webmaster to increase their backlink and this one of great site for your SEO instead of others ways such as comment on dofollow blog, create dummy blog, submit to social bookmarking.  This is an easy way to submit your URL into many dofollow blogs in one times. As we know that get high quality backlink is most important to keep our Blog exist as well as improve rank like SERP. Basically, to build backlink may need a long time and some of you might get lazy but backlink is very important, there have two basic reason why we need a backlink, first is to help you get higher position in search engine and second is Google can find article faster than before.


Social Monkee is definitely giving some benefit to you, you do not need to submit one by one or surfing any website many times, in here you just need to fill up the form and submit one times to many dofloow blog, that is easy right and save your time. Another benefit is get free backlink, means you submit to doflollow blog which might has high PR. If you come into social monkee site, you will find two options like using a Free account or Premium account. Here are the different between two of them:

Free account
You can submit only 1 times in a day and get 25 backlink everyday without no much effort, it is free no need to pay. But you have some limitation compare with premium account.

Premium account
upgrade your account to get chance for submitting 100 website social bookmark dofollow blog three times every day, means you will have more chance to get huge amount of backlink. For example, 1 day can be 300 backlink, 1 month can be 9000 backlink "Fantastic right". For upgrading to premium account you can just pay about $47 one times or find at least 12 referral.


Social monkee provide two ways to submit your article, the first way is you can use Add-on Firefox (download first) which located in the corner your computer like head of monkee or the second way is to come into your dasboard. Watch This video in order to understand easily. I am going to try to explain below:
  • Login to your account (visit here to register)
  • Fill up all form include URL (select url address which article you want to be submitted), title, description, category and tags
  • In this section, you will be given instruction how to types by using spinner, it means that you can types until 3 times spin with various of synonym.  
  • Then, submit to 25 sites or 100 sites 


In addition, after we fill up and submit we will get some report which content name of url from many dofollow blog. To get to know detail what kind of link that we obtain is easy, go to report > choose which report you intend to look at > click view. The report looks like below image:

So join now, do not postpone again this chance to get much backlink. Make your Blog rank better

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Take Adsense Program Code

Basically, at this time we sign up to Google Adsense, we will receive email notification from Google that give us both term and condition and guides. You need to make sure, you have read TOS first to avoid any mistake which can lead to be "banned" if you break the role. Last post i had told you about tips to build site for Google Adsense read and now in this post, i would like to tell you about how to take adsense code so that you will do correctly. Ok, let's begin by using your username and password to login, follow some steps below:
  • Login to your account, choose menu "Adsense setup", in this section there have four option that you can choose it like Adsense for content, Adsense for search, Adsense for feeds, Adsense for domain. 
  • After you choose one, like example you choose Adsense for content then choose type of ads you want to be appear in your Blog. There have two option between Ad unit or Link unit, Ad unit will be devided into three such as text and image ads, text ads only and image ads only. 
  • Next, you can manage both size and color of your ads, as i know people like using 336x280 (square/rectangles) because this size is appropriate  be placed as part of blog article, meanwhile 728x90 (Leaderboard) is oftenly be placed under your logo and 160x600 (Skycrapper) is more suit be placed at the end or in the middle article.
  • Moreover, you also can add a "Channel" for your ads. Using a channel is helping you to track your ads like how many click, how many ads appear and many more. Because of this, you should add channel on each of ads. Please, use a name of channel differently and easy to be remembered as well as reflect your format or ads placing.

  • Last step, you just take a code for your ads, copy the script and paste into HTML code of your Blog.

    By following five steps above, i hope that you can manage size, type, color to suit with your Blog in order to get better ads result because these ways is definitely influence your earning. Next post i am gonna explain more further about Adsense program. Good luck

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Get Index In Search Engine Faster By Using Ping

    We are oftenly posting new article into our Blog in order to get index by search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN. we always hope that our new article can be found easily for people when they are searching on the internet. Beside that using a good keyword, target and great story all are useless if search engine can not detect your article, there have another good tool to help our new article will be indexed faster called "PING". This tool has been commonly used by webmaster after they post a new article. Today post let me explain a little bit about using Ping.

    The Benefit Of Using Ping

    Some benefit if you use Ping for your new article can give a good position in SERP, traffic, backlink as well because we do this to tell all information from our Blog into search engine. As i know that this also associate with improvement both visitor and pagerank one day instead of optimization for your ranking SEO. Moreover, search engine will find a new article faster than just a normal post. The faster our new article are indexed by search engine, the more chance our new article can be found by visitor. 

    List Of Ping Service

    Basically, you can do a Ping with two methods in manual or automatically. Some of web has provided a Ping service automatically to help you spread update article quickly. here are a common used by webmaster:

    And if you want to use manually, here are some lists of Ping service below:


    As a result, i suggest that do not make a Ping oftenly especially coming from just 1 IP address because Google may think this Blog is a "SPAM" and if Google find this, your Blog is in danger and it may reduce your SERP in Google eyes. Of course we do not want this happen to our Blog. That is why use this Ping wisely, means that you need to make a Ping if you want to update article only. One times for 1 article is enough. Share what you think thx..

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    How To Sign Up Google Adsense

    As we know friends, one of the best PPC (Paid Per Click) is "Google Adsense". Many of webmaster has generate much income from this program and this is definitely great program that you must to join up. Moreover, this is a big chance for you to earn money online through Google Adsense. Last post i had posted the role of Google Adsense before you join in, if you has not read yet just read now (very useful information). Today, i would like to share how to sign up for Google Adsense and apply into your Blog immediately. Here are some tips that you should follow:
    • Fill the form for which there is as complete as possible such as your Blog address (example:, the language used to your address. Remember! this address should be completed and correct because google will send you the check throught this address.

    • Next, come the confirmation page that you fill in the data. If any data is incorrect, you can go back to stuffing the page with the click of the back. Choose between two options using a google account that you have two google adsense account or create a new one.
    • If you choose to use a gmail account, the page will appear login using gmail account.
    • you have successfully made Google Adsense account.
    • Before you can put Google Adsense, you have to wait around 1-2 days for Google approval. Within this time, Google will check the web address of your Blog that you register before. If all are valid and eligible, you will also receive a confirmation email to approve so you can start putting Google Adsense.
    • Now, activated by using your Google Adsense account.
    • During the first activation Google Adsense page that appears is the term and conditions of this program. Learn both good policy and its provisions.
    • Click the continue after you first choose the option already read the policy and provisions of Google Adsense program.
    • Click part of get started for Adsense for search if you choose through a Google search feature on the web or Blog. This feature is a common feature which always be choosen by webmaster.
    • Click get started, you are ready to setup the ads that will appear in your web.
    • Fill option Adsense for search upon request.
    • Then also select the type of branding style for your preferred search box and click continue.
    • Select a color palette of ads that you like. As advice, match the color palette with colors and themes webpage or Blog as well as the result page.
    • Fill in the name of the search result page is done in your web or Blog. And also click obtain consent of all the policies and provisions of this program. Then click submit and get code.
    • Copy the code that you have got on this page.
    • Use this code to put into your Blog, in this case if you use Blogspot, you need to add widget, then choose HTML to paste the code here. Then save it.
    • With no longer time, Google Adsense ads will appear.
    In summary, i hope that you can follow this guide step by step and earn money soon. Actually, Google Adsense has many various of tool, you can use all of them, use your creation on putting Ads. Next post i would like to share more detail related about Google Adsense. Good Luck friends.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Tips To Build A Good Website For Google Adsense

    Generally, we make a website is to share information who need it because the most people or visitor look for is not less than "CONTENT". Many of us sometimes just make/create a website or Blog with no worthy at all because they want to focus on putting Google Adsense as much as possible. They think that with just approved by Google Adsense, they can easily generate income even get what the same like professional people in Google Adsense. All need a process and hardwork, nothing is simple like that. That is why by following these 7 tips below, i hope that you can build your site with the right way if you want to earn money with Google Adsense as your main goal.


    in this role, we should not create a website just for putting adsense wothout any unique content and interesting content inside. Many people do a fatal mistake with just create useless content. Moreover, website which has more ads than content will difficult to get high traffic, think what topic that you know much and this idea can generate income because content is a "KING" and with  a unique content people will like coming into your blog. Chances are visitor may also click the Ads which related with your content.


    The thing that you must know, some keywords will generate more ads and get high paying click compare with others. Usually people called "Targeted Ads" means that advertiser want their ads to be placed on particular website which appropriate with content so that do not just write what you like but forget ads content for your website.


    It is actually good to use top keyword because have more high paying per click than other ads. But, this way is not effective if you can not compete with other big website especially for website which has rich content than you so that you will left behind far and far away. The reason is simple, visitors come into website because they look for something, if your website or blog is not in the first list of search engine, then rarely people will come and click through your ads. I suggest to find the keyword which has no much competition, the important thing is your blog can be easily found by people. You might do a keyword analysis by using adsense accelerator, wordtracker, keyword country, topkeywordlists.


    How to do it? of course, pagerank will take an important part of getting better ads. It is because website or Blog that has high pagerank will get better ads than low pagerank, sound weird but this is reality. Google actually does not want to make advertiser dissappoint with put their ads to the website with no much traffic. Google will give more reward for them who reach high position in the search engine of keyword. Just pay attention for your competitor who also share the same keyword with you.


    Mostly people do with logo, picture badly as well as link to the page that has an error/ not found. The worst is this site or blog create a copy-paste from other sites. We think that by using this method, we can create faster website, easy and no need hardwork. But, "That are Wrong", this will lead us to the end of path. They are searching a content and like coming to the proffesional site with visual good design, user friendly navigation as well. You need a time to present the original and great website.


    As we know domain is a name like or All website need a domain name in order to deliver into the web browser. Mostly the domain name is rented and around 410 each domain name for 1 year. You can buy a domain name while you are registering to the webhosting. The best choice of domain name is to try choose the beautiful name as well as simple to be remembered by people. Unfortunately, the popular domain name might be difficult to be found by you because many people are searching for. But, it does not mean you can not use a popular domain name. In my suggestion, why do not use the domain such as .net, .biz., .info, .org, a professional domain name does not mean for .com, but also can use others name too. Furthermore, the domain name should reflect your site for example your site about internet marketing so that your domain is suppose to be Beside that, whatever you choose the domain name, make sure to not exceed more than 3 sentences.


    You should find the webhosting that really appropriate with your need. Webhosting really important part of your website due to as a file storage. At this time there have many webhosting service offered with various of budget. The question is how big your site?, if your website or blog like own blog, 100MB is enough, but if you want to put any multimedia (picture, file mp3, download video) need more than 100MB. bandwidth also involve to make your site run smootly. All thes ethings should be considered by you. Some of them may offer the cheaper one but of course you get some limitation. The best way is to ask the expert of webhosting services with your friend or webmasters as well.
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