Sunday, March 27, 2011

Optimizing Blog With Employing Sitemap Generator

If you have so many articles of your Blog and always update continuing, this can be good for you to create a Sitemap. Normally, webmasters who submit their article weekly or even everyday must inform the reader of new update article. Sitemap means that when you are writing a new article on your Blog and submit, it will automatically appear on the Sitemap page. The best thing is to inform the reader that this Blog has just created a new one so that the reader is able to look which one is new and which one is old article.  

Actually, inside Blogger account that you create, there have a sitemap which is provided by Blogger. However, some of you may want to create or use a 3rd party which are XML and Atom. Moreover, you can choose one of submitting your article into sitemap between XML or Atom. The default URL is shown below:
  • and
Both XML and Atom are powerful way to submit your Sitemap. In addition, some others 3rd party that you can use like Sitemap generator

Some simple step to create your Sitemap page are:
  1.  Firstly, you must open your Blogger account.
  2. Choose "Posting" and select "Edit Pages" (create new page by typing the title "SITEMAP"), then save.
  3. If you are using a 3rd party Sitemap generator, you need to submit your URL Blogger address to get HTML code.
  4. After that, copy and paste the HTML code into your Sitemap page, then save it. Good Luck

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Find Nickle Market By Using Google Insight and Google Trend

As we know that when you are creating a Blog and intend to offer something like service or goods, you should make a plan by targeting the right people. Furthermore, the best way of advertising your Blog is to find a nickle market means that this market this kind of market need service or good which more specific than normal market. Another opportunity is less competitor so that your Blog can be found easily by people. Basically, finding a nickle market is not easy to be found. But, when you find it, it will definitely give much benefit to you. 

Some of reasons why you must to target the nickle market rather than wide market:
  • Less Competitor because there have a little site which provide particular service or goods
  • Chance to stand in the first position on search engine both Google and Yahoo
  • Your Blog might has a big chance to be visited by people
  • It can increase the visitor from your Blog 
Generally, webmaster usually employ some tool which help them to find the nickle market like "Google Trend", "Google Insight". These two tools are really helpful for you because inside both Google trend and insight provide so many analysis. In fact, you can be able to find which one is nickle or not. 

The best way to find the nickle market are shown below:
  • Think what kind of services or goods that you want to offer (try to find by typing on search engine, do a research)
  • Make sure the competitor as little as possible (example: less then 5000 result)

  • Choose the market which has a big demand but less provider (example: there have only 5 sell PC provider, but the demand of PC can be more than 100)  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Secret Ways Of Promoting Both "Offline and Online"

Having a business through online shop definitely need a promotion. Basically, choosing the best way of promotion helps to improve your Blog. Moreover, the most common way of promotion that webmaster use is both "Offline promotion" and "Online Promotion". These two promotion is giving a powerful ways because if you just concentrate to promote your Blog through online, means that you might do 60% and vise verse.

Here are some ways that you can implemented through Offline promotion and these below are really helpful to improve your Blog traffic especially attract new visitors:
  • Spread your Blog address into advertising media like newspaper, magazine
  • Make a sticker that created your Blog logo as well as text, give to people, friends, anyone for free or even put the sticker into public transportation like bus, taxi and your own car. These way is good because people will look indirectly while they are on the road.
  • Make a name card, this help you to change name card with other people or business relation.
  • Never stop promoting your Blog by telling to people as many as possible you know.
Secondly, There are some the best ways of promoting through online promotion. In this way, usually webmaster focus on related with how to optimizing:
  •  Considering about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It means that process to optimize your web page which is search engine will find your web page more effectively then ever. (both common search engine like Google and Yahoo), with this technique hopefully, your web page can be easily found by search engine
  • Choosing the right keyword, you must find the appropriate keyword which mostly people look for or search.
  • Put your Blog address URL into Web directory
  • Link exchange, means that you can do some exchange in any shape such as banner, text or URL
  • Email Signature, put your Blog URL address on every email.
  • Forum Online provider, try to get along with other forum and discuss something related with your business online    
Finally, with following both Online and Offline promotion, i guarantee your Blog improve more and more to be the popular site. " NEVER TO STOP PROMOTING" and be creative.

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Get Various Type Of Widget

    Having a Blog is not complete without additional tools like "Widget". it is because some Blog will definitely looks more interactive by putting some widget around there rather than just an article. Beside that, people who are reading your article, they may look for another interesting tools and these widget can be like video, relate article, game many more. Now, i will take you through website which provide various widget tools that you can use it on your Blog called "WIDGETBOX"

    • The first thing to do is you must visit on (Please register by click "Join Now")
    • Under this website you can also make your own Widget, choose whatever you want to create.
    • WidgetBox provide many widget which relate with your Blog title. For example: if you have a Blog about forex, you just need to type on the top "Find Widget" like Forex, then there have so many widget about forex.
    • Now, how to get HTML code and put it into your Blog.
    • Firstly, choose the widget and the screenshoot will look like on the left side (some of widget can be changed both "Width" and "Height" to suit with your Blog)

    • Next, click Blog box on the top to get HTML code, then copy and paste into your Blog.

    • Open your Blogger, choose "Design", "Add Gadget", choose "HTML code" then paste the code there, "Save".
    • Look the result by click view Blog and Viola, you have your new widget. Good Luck

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    Spreading New Article With Twitterfeed

    When you are typing an article on your Blog, you definitely want to share your article into other social network as well. Today, there have a website which help you in spreading your article on every new post. It means that at that time you post the new article, the website called "Twitterfeed" will spread automatically. Moreover, some of social networks that Twitterfeed is provided such as Facebook, Twitter, Hellotxt, Statusnet.

    I would like to help you registering your Blog site into Twitterfeed. Follow some simple steps below:

    • Sign in by typing both Password and Username, then Create Feed. Under this step you must fill your Feed name as well as Blog URL or RSS Feed URL. Furthermore, advance setting is available, click "Continue to step 2"

    • On Step 2 is you must select in which social network to be used and shared by you.

    • I will give an example for publishing on Facebook and Twitter, click "Authenticate new twitter Account" and click "Allow" to connect between your Blog and social network.

    • The dashboard will look like below picture, you can also manage in how many hour or day to be updated by Twitterfeed.
    Finally, by using Twitterfeed, you don't need to publish your new article one by one. All you have to do is just write on your Blog and automatically Twitterfeed will spread into social network. Does it simple and benefit to you?

      Sunday, March 6, 2011

      Create blog Image On Your Header

      It goes without saying that you definitely need to create a image on your Header. This way is very important because most of reader will look at your header first before to decide whether they read or not. Furthermore, creating your own Image, you must be able to design by using tool like Photoshop. It gives much benefit to you so that your Blog will look professional than before.

      Now, i am going teach you to put your Image on your Blog. Just follow some simple steps below:
      • Open your ID Blog and choose "Design"

      • Click "Edit" which located on the top of page something like below picture

      • The configuration Header will appear and you can type your description as well as put your Image below description.

      • Lastly, there have three choice that you can choose it like "behind title and description", "instead of title and description" and "have description placed after the image" or even "Shrink to fit" and SAVE (example is like my Blog).

      Wednesday, March 2, 2011

      Raise Amount Of Reader By Submitting On "Bing MSN"

      Another search engine that you should consider is "Bing", this belong to MSN which also popular search engine. By submitting on three popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your Blog have big chance to be found by people around the world. Now, i would like to guide you how to submit into Bing site.
      All you have to do is to follow some steps below:

      • Type the characters from the picture
      • Next, Type your Blog URL (don't forget to use http://), then "Submit"
      That's it, easy and simple, this is one of the best way to optimize your Blog especially for getting more reader come into your Blog. Good Luck
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