Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Various Type Of Widget

Having a Blog is not complete without additional tools like "Widget". it is because some Blog will definitely looks more interactive by putting some widget around there rather than just an article. Beside that, people who are reading your article, they may look for another interesting tools and these widget can be like video, relate article, game many more. Now, i will take you through website which provide various widget tools that you can use it on your Blog called "WIDGETBOX"

  • The first thing to do is you must visit on (Please register by click "Join Now")
  • Under this website you can also make your own Widget, choose whatever you want to create.
  • WidgetBox provide many widget which relate with your Blog title. For example: if you have a Blog about forex, you just need to type on the top "Find Widget" like Forex, then there have so many widget about forex.
  • Now, how to get HTML code and put it into your Blog.
  • Firstly, choose the widget and the screenshoot will look like on the left side (some of widget can be changed both "Width" and "Height" to suit with your Blog)

  • Next, click Blog box on the top to get HTML code, then copy and paste into your Blog.

  • Open your Blogger, choose "Design", "Add Gadget", choose "HTML code" then paste the code there, "Save".
  • Look the result by click view Blog and Viola, you have your new widget. Good Luck


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