Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Secret Ways Of Promoting Both "Offline and Online"

Having a business through online shop definitely need a promotion. Basically, choosing the best way of promotion helps to improve your Blog. Moreover, the most common way of promotion that webmaster use is both "Offline promotion" and "Online Promotion". These two promotion is giving a powerful ways because if you just concentrate to promote your Blog through online, means that you might do 60% and vise verse.

Here are some ways that you can implemented through Offline promotion and these below are really helpful to improve your Blog traffic especially attract new visitors:
  • Spread your Blog address into advertising media like newspaper, magazine
  • Make a sticker that created your Blog logo as well as text, give to people, friends, anyone for free or even put the sticker into public transportation like bus, taxi and your own car. These way is good because people will look indirectly while they are on the road.
  • Make a name card, this help you to change name card with other people or business relation.
  • Never stop promoting your Blog by telling to people as many as possible you know.
Secondly, There are some the best ways of promoting through online promotion. In this way, usually webmaster focus on related with how to optimizing:
  •  Considering about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It means that process to optimize your web page which is search engine will find your web page more effectively then ever. (both common search engine like Google and Yahoo), with this technique hopefully, your web page can be easily found by search engine
  • Choosing the right keyword, you must find the appropriate keyword which mostly people look for or search.
  • Put your Blog address URL into Web directory
  • Link exchange, means that you can do some exchange in any shape such as banner, text or URL
  • Email Signature, put your Blog URL address on every email.
  • Forum Online provider, try to get along with other forum and discuss something related with your business online    
Finally, with following both Online and Offline promotion, i guarantee your Blog improve more and more to be the popular site. " NEVER TO STOP PROMOTING" and be creative.


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