Sunday, March 6, 2011

Create blog Image On Your Header

It goes without saying that you definitely need to create a image on your Header. This way is very important because most of reader will look at your header first before to decide whether they read or not. Furthermore, creating your own Image, you must be able to design by using tool like Photoshop. It gives much benefit to you so that your Blog will look professional than before.

Now, i am going teach you to put your Image on your Blog. Just follow some simple steps below:
  • Open your ID Blog and choose "Design"

  • Click "Edit" which located on the top of page something like below picture

  • The configuration Header will appear and you can type your description as well as put your Image below description.

  • Lastly, there have three choice that you can choose it like "behind title and description", "instead of title and description" and "have description placed after the image" or even "Shrink to fit" and SAVE (example is like my Blog).


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