Friday, January 28, 2011

Increase Number of Reader With Google Translate

Today, i would like to share on how to translate your main language into other various languages. Basically, when you are writting an artichel by using your own language sometimes people can just read your article if they understand. For example, you write the article with Indonesia language so that people who understand Indonesia language only are able to read it but the rest do not understand completely. In fact, this situation your Blog is difficult to be read by other nations outsite Indonesia, it is definitely limit your visitor.
There has a good tool to help your Blog is read all reader which is using "Google Translate" means that this tool is very powerful to help reader. I will teach you in putting Google Translate tool inside your Blog, simple step are explain below:
  • First, open your browser and find the tool in Google by typing "Google Translate Tool" or just Visit
  • Second step, copy and paste this snippet of code into your Blogger, the code looks like something below

 <div id="google_translate_element"></div><script>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
  new google.translate.TranslateElement({
    pageLanguage: 'en'
  }, 'google_translate_element');
</script><script src="//"></script>

  • Now, open your Blog and select design, then choose "Gadget"
  • After that, find the HTML and "Click it"
  • Paste all code above and click save it. the layout depends on where you want to put it

  • Viola, the Google Translate will automatically appear on your Blog
    The way is easy right, by having Google Translate inside your Blog, it will improve significantly reader from a round the world because they will choose whatever languages they want. Good Luck

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips to Create The Best Blog Template

Having an interesting article is the most people must consider instead of others factor. One of way to interact visitor is the way you design your blog as good as possible. It must be considered by you because with having a interesting blog template design, readers will more likely to stay for along time. 

Moreover, there have some recommend in order to create your blog design, sometime if you just take design from the internet, you may not like the design or does not the same with what you want to imagine, below are good tips you need to follow:
  • Create a simple design (simple does not mean no beautiful but looks professional)
  • Do not make too much flash when people open your site, it looks so heavy to read and uncomfortable
  • If you want to put picture, please make sure you choose the picture which reflect to your site title. For example: you intend to make a blog talking about food and you must choose the picture food as well (do not choose picture which not related to your title).
  • Choosing a right color means that the color must associate with text and also tap, link etc. (Soft is the best choice compare with a strong color).
  • Using a Photoshop software can help you to make your design look more professional.  
Furthermore,  if you feel difficult to operate Photoshop, i would like to give some the best recommend design like, these website provide variety of blog template design, so that you can choose according to your desire. Finally, creating a interesting blog template design will give a tremendous effect to increase your blog as well as visitor compare with blog which no have a good design. Keep trying to find or create your own design to fit with your title and content.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Improving Blog Using AncorText

Today, we are going to learn how to make Link both picture and text while you are writting an artichel. Basically, Link between one page to another page is usually called Ancor Text. It gives powerful improvement on your blog because you link your text or picture to show reader into more detail information. Moreover, by putting Ancor Text you can also increase your rank as well. Choosing website where you want to link is not just link with any website but you must select which one is having a good explanation. Another consideration, you also choose website which has a high page rank because of to be trusted and valuable compare with low page rank website.

Now, it is very simple step to make Ancor text, just follow instruction below:
  • Click new post and write your artichel and choose which text you want to link it, after that click Link on the top like show picture below

  • Next, you will be asked to put Link that you already been choosen, click "OK". You can choose which colour you want to choose (recommend: don't choose the same colour with your artichel, but choose the other colour in order to show this text is Ancor Text) 

  • At that time you finish write artichel then publish it, click view post and check it by clicking the colour that you make it.
  • I would like to give you an example for making Ancor Text, for instant I link text "Free Download Software", i give the colour blue one you may try to click it the blue colour then you will be brough to software website.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To Create Blogger

At this time, creating blog is definitely the first right step to do because when you have a blog, you can do anything like designing your blog, add many gadget as well as earn money. So today i am teaching you how to create blog by following some simple steps below:
  • Firstable, before you browse to blogger, you must have an email. In this case, i suggest to create Google Account which is Gmail, Click here to create Gmail (if you don't have).
  • After you have an Gmail account, now time to open The window will be looked like this below picture:

  • Basically, there have three simple steps, create your account (in here, you should fill out all information which is provided by blogger)after that click "Continue" to the next step.

  • Second step is name your Blog, be careful when selecting name of your Blog, think first what Blog you intent to write. Moreover, you need to find name that relate to what title you want to create ( short and easy to people remember is the best choice) and if possible, create title as same as blog account so that when people is typing keyword according to what they look for and read your blog site the same with title, people will not disappoint. ( DON'T MAKE BLOG SITE OPPOSITE WITH TITLE OR CONTENT, for instant you want to create blog talking about food, but you create Blog site fashion). then Click "Continue"

  • The last step is choosing a template according to your desire, in here you are free to choose one of some available template provided by Blogger. then Click "Continue" (don't be afraid if you want to change your template or background color is possible later). Then Click "Continue". Now you have successfully created your Blog and ready to explore.

 It is absolutely easy as long as you follow my guide. This is a good time to try write an article by clicking on "Posting" and choose "New Post" after you  write then "Publish Post" so that you are able to look your article. See you on the next article. Watch Video here. Good Luck everyone.

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