Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips to Create The Best Blog Template

Having an interesting article is the most people must consider instead of others factor. One of way to interact visitor is the way you design your blog as good as possible. It must be considered by you because with having a interesting blog template design, readers will more likely to stay for along time. 

Moreover, there have some recommend in order to create your blog design, sometime if you just take design from the internet, you may not like the design or does not the same with what you want to imagine, below are good tips you need to follow:
  • Create a simple design (simple does not mean no beautiful but looks professional)
  • Do not make too much flash when people open your site, it looks so heavy to read and uncomfortable
  • If you want to put picture, please make sure you choose the picture which reflect to your site title. For example: you intend to make a blog talking about food and you must choose the picture food as well (do not choose picture which not related to your title).
  • Choosing a right color means that the color must associate with text and also tap, link etc. (Soft is the best choice compare with a strong color).
  • Using a Photoshop software can help you to make your design look more professional.  
Furthermore,  if you feel difficult to operate Photoshop, i would like to give some the best recommend design like, these website provide variety of blog template design, so that you can choose according to your desire. Finally, creating a interesting blog template design will give a tremendous effect to increase your blog as well as visitor compare with blog which no have a good design. Keep trying to find or create your own design to fit with your title and content.


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