Monday, July 25, 2011

Get High Quality backlink With Link Exchange

It goes without saying that Backlink is one of the most important factor you must to have instead of others factor. For those of you who want to earn money online and intend to sign up for any earning program like paid review, you must consider how to get backlink. Without having any backlink ,it could be difficult for you to increase your Blog. As we know that Backlink is a Blog from outside which link to our Blog, people also call outbond. The question is why we need a back link?do this really help Blog? the answer is "YES". Let me explain the relationship between backlink and PR. Basically, Blog can be so popular and rank to number 1 is because of having high quality backlink, and if this Blog has a lot of backlink automatically Google will determine and increase your PR eventually. 

For this post, i would like to share a good way how to get backlink which is called "Link Exchange". This method is actually easy and not too difficult to be applied by you. like example your Blog add link into other Blog and other Blog also add your link into their Blog too so that both of them can have link each other. I will give some tips to do it, just follow my guide below:

  • Firstable, you must to find Blog who want to change with you, go from one Blog to another Blog and ask them. you can do it by blogwalking, leave a comment form,forum etc.
  • It is better you do link exchange with Blog which has the same topic with you so that you are not only get backlink but also get knew knowledge.
  • I strongly suggest to find Blog with high PR, it is good for you to increase faster than just normal backlink and do not link to Blog which has no PR or below your Blog.
  • In addition, doing link exchange does not mean only two of you, this can be done by linking more than two Blog. for instant Blog A link to Blog B, Blog B link to Blog C, Blog C link to Blog A. This is so powerful connection among them. 
You can try this method of link exchange and see the result. The more you get high quality backlink, the better your Blog is especially for increasing PR (Pagerank). I personally would be happy if some of you are willing to link exchange with me, you just need to drop your url and name your Blog, i will add into sidebar so that you can get both "OPPORTUNITES", your Blog is not only get free backlink but also people will see your link in my Blog. that's sound good right?. If you have any information relating with link exchange share it by dropping your comment friends. Thx

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fastest Way To Drop alexa With Entrecard

Actually, there have a lot of ways to slim alexa rank for your Blog and one of poplular way is by using Entrecard. This site is very powerful tool to help Blog drop alexa faster than others. It is because Entrecard is a community which always share information each other among member, this can work by dropping entercard to get high traffic on your Blog. The more you make a drop, the faster your Alexa slims. the reason why we use entrecard is to help your Blog get high traffic rank. For today post, i will share in how to use Entrecard to slim your Alexa. As we know that Alexa is definitely important for people who involve in online business like paid review,ppc and many more. Blog which has a high traffic rank can easily generate income especially "DOLLAR".
Now, let me guide you step by step how to do it successfully, just follow my below steps:
  1. Come visit and sign up to register as a member.
  2. Next, after you register you must to choose one the following type of entrecard and get the code (in this case you choose entrecard style like standard text, black text card,uploaded image, silver, green, orange).
  3. Once you have choosen the type of entercard, you must copy the code and paste into your Blog 
  4. Choose HTML widget to paste the code of entrecard. and make sure you place on the page header because it is easy to be seen by people.
  5. Hope, by putting entercard banner in your Blog you can see the result faster than you imagine, but all depend on how popular your Blog and how many use your Blog.
In addition, this is just alternative way to make your Alexa slim, you can try it. But, my suggestion is try to not place entrecard oftenly because this is a robot and it might make your Alexa become bigger and fatter. Use it wisely.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Prepare Your Blog For Updating Pagerank 2011


What is Google Page Rank?

As we know that each of site or blog always has a rank which commonly seen and referred to as PR (pagerank). Maybe some of you have wondered what is pagerank used for? Does pagerank really important for our site?. Basically, Pagerank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page's relevance or importance. Moreover, Google pagerank is a measure start from 0 to 10. The higher ranking you have the more reputable your site especially in Google eyes. I say yes, pagerank is really important for our website. For those of you who want to earn money like “Dollar”, better pay more attention to pagerank.

How Does The Pagerank Come From?

If we see a site or Blog which has a PR7 is better than a site with PR5. But, sometimes for new website usually has a PR0. All are because each of site always do a changing in any ways so that is why each website might not get the same PR depend on how much they do an improvement. At this time, mostly site can get higher Pagerank from how much they have a quality backlink. The improvement can be changed by continuing to support and maintain your website, you should see improvement in PR status in Google when the next update comes along, which is hopefully in a three to four months rather than nine months. backlink has been becoming the most consideration factor to improve your pagerank. Even though there still have many factors which influence pagerank. It is not an easy way to get a backlink especially backlink which has a high PR. Just keep trying to find it.   

How Often Google Update Pagerank?

Usually Google does pagerank every 3 or 4 month in a year Google will be doing an update Pagerank to our website or Blog. But, it is not the exact times since there is no confirmation from Google itself but the last confirmed large update was in April of 2010 and the Page Rank values have finally been changed and updated by Google in January 2011 – nine months later. Usually making a PR update twice a year, Google has probably been overly consumed in promoting and producing Android and Chrome OS while also updating their own systems pertaining to AdSense, Analytics, etc. This actually can change people face between “Happy” or “Sad” because we never know what will happened for our website or Blog. In 2011 today, Google has been updating first in Jan 20th, 2011 and second update was in june 27th,2011.  so people have a chance to do a preparation with any improvement before the next deadline comes.  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Optimizing blog By Choosing The Right Keyword

Managing a Blog with employing search engine optimization (SEO) is one of ways to be done by webmaster, we sometimes think how this Blog can be popular or be number one rank in search engine as well as have huge number of visitor. All these can be achived by using one of SEO tools which is "Choosing the right keyword". Sometimes people is often choose the wrong keyword so that the effect is their Blog has less visitor coming to your Blog, this will make you feel desperete to continue managing Blog.

Moreover, when you are choosing general keyword for example your Blog about software, and you choose software as your keyword, this decision actually good, but you must know that how much poeple use this keyword and this can be million about result web are available there under "software" keyword like screenshoot below:

if you are going to choose keyword i strongly suggets that "DO NOT CHOOSE THE BROAD KEYWORD", it means that broad keyword will have huge competitive. in Fact, your Blog may difficult to be found by people because there have so many competition. Even though people find it, just a little chance only 5% less especially if your Blog is the new one. The best way is to choose keyword which has less competition, the number can be around 1000 result in search engine usually people call "Nicle Market". Furthermore, by choosing keyword in nicle market you will have more chance to be number one rank in search engine as well as people will may easily find your Blog because they type is exactly what they find out.
In addition, choose the specific keyword is also the best way instead of popular keyword.

Here some of popular tools that you can count them to choose keyword are:
  1. By using Wordtracker, this tool is so powerful to get the best keyword but you must to spend some extra money to get it. and mostly webmaster use this as a popular tool.
  2. Another tool is by using Adword, many people use this tool because of free of charge. To use it you must have a gmail first, under Adword you will be able to choose what popular keyword that has been currencly searched by people include competition, global montly search, local montly search ect.

In Conclusion, some of way above can lead your Blog to be number one rank in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Msn. You may need to try many times to find out the right keyword which reflect your Blog content. It is actually not easy but once tou find it this cound be your weapon. Wish you luck see you on the next post.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Upload Image Using Photobucket

Another website for free hosting service is called "Photobucket", this is a great site to upload your image with huge files. Furthermore, the Photobucket is very offen to be used by webmaster to get URl address image as their main purpose. by uploading many image here, you are not only be able to get URL but also any features you can make like resize,edit, ect especially for you who want to create image, icon,background on your Blog design as well as sharing photo with you friends and family. Today, post let me teach you how to upload image and get URL address in Photobucket. Follow my steps below:

  • Firstly, you must sign up (visit
  • Secondly, on the top navigation, choose "Upload now" on the green color
  • choose what picture or image you gonna to upload here.
  • After you choose one or more, then waiting for the process uploading until finish and save continue in my album.
  • Where to get URL address? just simply click on desire image, on the right sidebar you can see the URL address, just choose where you want to copy and paste for creating your image.

So, now you know more free hosting free to upload image instead of Picasa. Good Luck all 

Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Add Or Change Favicon URL Address In Blogger

Hi all, have you ever notice when you come into other blog, there have an image next to the web address which is called “Favicon” means Favourit Icons. It is usually suppose to be “Blog icon” right, can we change the icon with our own image? How to change it? Today post I am going to share and tell you how to change blog icon with your own icon. Furthermore, this can make your Blog look professional and of course looks better than original Blog icon.
Actually, you can create the icon in many ways like using photoshop, using favicon generator, download any software like imagicon, Dynamicdrive site or even using Google page creator. The most important are these sites must be able to convert the image into “.ico” format, because most of them always use ico format. Moreover, the best size is to create 16x16 or 32x32.

All you have to do is to follow my simple steps below:

  • Firstly you must have or change image to .ico format or it is possible to have other image .png,.jpeg,.gif format as well. I use gif format.
  • To get any format above, you can use favicongenerator visit here
  • Click at the Browse button to insert any image you want to use it.
  • Click at Generate Favicon button.
  • After the process is complete, click at "Click Here to Download your favicon".
  • Save into your hardisk
  • Next is you must upload your Favicon to free image hosting, I choose picasa because belong to google and support Blogspot as well (read article here how to upload photo in Picasa).
  • To get URL address (Note: make sure you set to public when you upload the image), simply click your image that you have been downloaded from favicon generator then on the right side tick “Image only (No Link)” and copy URL “embedded image” see screenshot below:

  • Then copy the URL address like below screenshot:

  • Now, Login to your blogger acccount
  • Choose Layout > Edit HTML  
  • Make sure you Download full template (Important Note: this is important in case of anything goes wrong).
  • You need to find the code:   <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> click Ctrl+F to find it.
  • Place the code below just after above code (change and paste code the URL address in the red color).
          <link href='YOUR URL ADDRESS' rel='shortcut icon'/>

  • Click "Save Template" button.
While you can see the Favicon in Mozilla Firefox, many have problems seeing the Favicon in Internet Explorer. This is a known problem and has been a sore point with many IE users. In some versions of IE, bookmarking the site will display the Favicon. This is not necessarily so in IE7 that we are using. In fact, when we bookmarked the highly popular search engine sites, their Favicons don't show in our IE bookmarks too although they show well in Firefox. Perhaps this is one more reason to download Mozilla Firefox if you have not already done so. Good luck see you on the next post. Happy Blogging

How To Upload Image In Picasa Free Hosting Service

Today post, i would like to share good article to you in how to upload photo in "Picasa". As we know that Picasa is also associate with Blogger which is belong to Google and of course free. This is great if you upload your photo in Picasa, this is good if you want to add some picture while you are writting an article. The benefit is to make picture look more professional than just usual image. beside that, this site can help you create an image because have an URL address on each image. Ok, let start uploading your pictures, all you need to to just follow my simple steps below:

  • visit on, you must log in (if you already have google account, use as your username an password).
  • On the top image, choose "Upload".

  • Under visibility choose whether you want to set to public or private image click "Continue"
  • Next is to select photo or image from your computer
  • After that, once the image appear then click "OK". Now you have successfully added image in Picasa

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