Monday, July 18, 2011

Prepare Your Blog For Updating Pagerank 2011


What is Google Page Rank?

As we know that each of site or blog always has a rank which commonly seen and referred to as PR (pagerank). Maybe some of you have wondered what is pagerank used for? Does pagerank really important for our site?. Basically, Pagerank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page's relevance or importance. Moreover, Google pagerank is a measure start from 0 to 10. The higher ranking you have the more reputable your site especially in Google eyes. I say yes, pagerank is really important for our website. For those of you who want to earn money like “Dollar”, better pay more attention to pagerank.

How Does The Pagerank Come From?

If we see a site or Blog which has a PR7 is better than a site with PR5. But, sometimes for new website usually has a PR0. All are because each of site always do a changing in any ways so that is why each website might not get the same PR depend on how much they do an improvement. At this time, mostly site can get higher Pagerank from how much they have a quality backlink. The improvement can be changed by continuing to support and maintain your website, you should see improvement in PR status in Google when the next update comes along, which is hopefully in a three to four months rather than nine months. backlink has been becoming the most consideration factor to improve your pagerank. Even though there still have many factors which influence pagerank. It is not an easy way to get a backlink especially backlink which has a high PR. Just keep trying to find it.   

How Often Google Update Pagerank?

Usually Google does pagerank every 3 or 4 month in a year Google will be doing an update Pagerank to our website or Blog. But, it is not the exact times since there is no confirmation from Google itself but the last confirmed large update was in April of 2010 and the Page Rank values have finally been changed and updated by Google in January 2011 – nine months later. Usually making a PR update twice a year, Google has probably been overly consumed in promoting and producing Android and Chrome OS while also updating their own systems pertaining to AdSense, Analytics, etc. This actually can change people face between “Happy” or “Sad” because we never know what will happened for our website or Blog. In 2011 today, Google has been updating first in Jan 20th, 2011 and second update was in june 27th,2011.  so people have a chance to do a preparation with any improvement before the next deadline comes.  


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