Sunday, July 10, 2011

Optimizing blog By Choosing The Right Keyword

Managing a Blog with employing search engine optimization (SEO) is one of ways to be done by webmaster, we sometimes think how this Blog can be popular or be number one rank in search engine as well as have huge number of visitor. All these can be achived by using one of SEO tools which is "Choosing the right keyword". Sometimes people is often choose the wrong keyword so that the effect is their Blog has less visitor coming to your Blog, this will make you feel desperete to continue managing Blog.

Moreover, when you are choosing general keyword for example your Blog about software, and you choose software as your keyword, this decision actually good, but you must know that how much poeple use this keyword and this can be million about result web are available there under "software" keyword like screenshoot below:

if you are going to choose keyword i strongly suggets that "DO NOT CHOOSE THE BROAD KEYWORD", it means that broad keyword will have huge competitive. in Fact, your Blog may difficult to be found by people because there have so many competition. Even though people find it, just a little chance only 5% less especially if your Blog is the new one. The best way is to choose keyword which has less competition, the number can be around 1000 result in search engine usually people call "Nicle Market". Furthermore, by choosing keyword in nicle market you will have more chance to be number one rank in search engine as well as people will may easily find your Blog because they type is exactly what they find out.
In addition, choose the specific keyword is also the best way instead of popular keyword.

Here some of popular tools that you can count them to choose keyword are:
  1. By using Wordtracker, this tool is so powerful to get the best keyword but you must to spend some extra money to get it. and mostly webmaster use this as a popular tool.
  2. Another tool is by using Adword, many people use this tool because of free of charge. To use it you must have a gmail first, under Adword you will be able to choose what popular keyword that has been currencly searched by people include competition, global montly search, local montly search ect.

In Conclusion, some of way above can lead your Blog to be number one rank in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Msn. You may need to try many times to find out the right keyword which reflect your Blog content. It is actually not easy but once tou find it this cound be your weapon. Wish you luck see you on the next post.

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