Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fastest Way To Drop alexa With Entrecard

Actually, there have a lot of ways to slim alexa rank for your Blog and one of poplular way is by using Entrecard. This site is very powerful tool to help Blog drop alexa faster than others. It is because Entrecard is a community which always share information each other among member, this can work by dropping entercard to get high traffic on your Blog. The more you make a drop, the faster your Alexa slims. the reason why we use entrecard is to help your Blog get high traffic rank. For today post, i will share in how to use Entrecard to slim your Alexa. As we know that Alexa is definitely important for people who involve in online business like paid review,ppc and many more. Blog which has a high traffic rank can easily generate income especially "DOLLAR".
Now, let me guide you step by step how to do it successfully, just follow my below steps:
  1. Come visit and sign up to register as a member.
  2. Next, after you register you must to choose one the following type of entrecard and get the code (in this case you choose entrecard style like standard text, black text card,uploaded image, silver, green, orange).
  3. Once you have choosen the type of entercard, you must copy the code and paste into your Blog 
  4. Choose HTML widget to paste the code of entrecard. and make sure you place on the page header because it is easy to be seen by people.
  5. Hope, by putting entercard banner in your Blog you can see the result faster than you imagine, but all depend on how popular your Blog and how many use your Blog.
In addition, this is just alternative way to make your Alexa slim, you can try it. But, my suggestion is try to not place entrecard oftenly because this is a robot and it might make your Alexa become bigger and fatter. Use it wisely.


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