Monday, July 25, 2011

Get High Quality backlink With Link Exchange

It goes without saying that Backlink is one of the most important factor you must to have instead of others factor. For those of you who want to earn money online and intend to sign up for any earning program like paid review, you must consider how to get backlink. Without having any backlink ,it could be difficult for you to increase your Blog. As we know that Backlink is a Blog from outside which link to our Blog, people also call outbond. The question is why we need a back link?do this really help Blog? the answer is "YES". Let me explain the relationship between backlink and PR. Basically, Blog can be so popular and rank to number 1 is because of having high quality backlink, and if this Blog has a lot of backlink automatically Google will determine and increase your PR eventually. 

For this post, i would like to share a good way how to get backlink which is called "Link Exchange". This method is actually easy and not too difficult to be applied by you. like example your Blog add link into other Blog and other Blog also add your link into their Blog too so that both of them can have link each other. I will give some tips to do it, just follow my guide below:

  • Firstable, you must to find Blog who want to change with you, go from one Blog to another Blog and ask them. you can do it by blogwalking, leave a comment form,forum etc.
  • It is better you do link exchange with Blog which has the same topic with you so that you are not only get backlink but also get knew knowledge.
  • I strongly suggest to find Blog with high PR, it is good for you to increase faster than just normal backlink and do not link to Blog which has no PR or below your Blog.
  • In addition, doing link exchange does not mean only two of you, this can be done by linking more than two Blog. for instant Blog A link to Blog B, Blog B link to Blog C, Blog C link to Blog A. This is so powerful connection among them. 
You can try this method of link exchange and see the result. The more you get high quality backlink, the better your Blog is especially for increasing PR (Pagerank). I personally would be happy if some of you are willing to link exchange with me, you just need to drop your url and name your Blog, i will add into sidebar so that you can get both "OPPORTUNITES", your Blog is not only get free backlink but also people will see your link in my Blog. that's sound good right?. If you have any information relating with link exchange share it by dropping your comment friends. Thx


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