Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Upload Image In Picasa Free Hosting Service

Today post, i would like to share good article to you in how to upload photo in "Picasa". As we know that Picasa is also associate with Blogger which is belong to Google and of course free. This is great if you upload your photo in Picasa, this is good if you want to add some picture while you are writting an article. The benefit is to make picture look more professional than just usual image. beside that, this site can help you create an image because have an URL address on each image. Ok, let start uploading your pictures, all you need to to just follow my simple steps below:

  • visit on, you must log in (if you already have google account, use as your username an password).
  • On the top image, choose "Upload".

  • Under visibility choose whether you want to set to public or private image click "Continue"
  • Next is to select photo or image from your computer
  • After that, once the image appear then click "OK". Now you have successfully added image in Picasa


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