Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Upload Image Using Photobucket

Another website for free hosting service is called "Photobucket", this is a great site to upload your image with huge files. Furthermore, the Photobucket is very offen to be used by webmaster to get URl address image as their main purpose. by uploading many image here, you are not only be able to get URL but also any features you can make like resize,edit, ect especially for you who want to create image, icon,background on your Blog design as well as sharing photo with you friends and family. Today, post let me teach you how to upload image and get URL address in Photobucket. Follow my steps below:

  • Firstly, you must sign up (visit
  • Secondly, on the top navigation, choose "Upload now" on the green color
  • choose what picture or image you gonna to upload here.
  • After you choose one or more, then waiting for the process uploading until finish and save continue in my album.
  • Where to get URL address? just simply click on desire image, on the right sidebar you can see the URL address, just choose where you want to copy and paste for creating your image.

So, now you know more free hosting free to upload image instead of Picasa. Good Luck all 

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