Sunday, February 27, 2011

Submit Your Blog On Yahoo Search Engine

In previous post, i had given a way to submit your Blog on Google. Now, i will teach you how to submit your Blog URL on Yahoo which also popular search engine after Google. The benefit from submitting on Yahoo is to optimize Blog in order to make people easier to find your Blog. Basically, there have two choice in submitting your Blog:
  1. Submit a Website or Webpage
  2. Submit site Feed

Some of simple steps that you must follow are explain below:
  • Next, you also can submit your feed ( Atom or  ), this means that People can easily read what kind of new contents has been posted, something like summary from your Blog.
That is easy right, by submitting your Blog on Yahoo, people can find your Blog easily. The best thing is the more you submit into the famous search engine, the more people know your Blog compare with Blog which never put on search engine like Yahoo or Google. Good Luck

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obtimizing Blog By SubmittingTo Google Search Engine

Today, i am going to talk about how important of submitting your Blog into Web submission. One of important thing which make our Blog famous is you must submit your Blog to Google. It is a great way because if you have a good Blog as well as rich contents, but without submit into the famous Web like Google, your Blog definitely become less visitor compare with Blog which submit into Google. Moreover, why we use Google submission, the reason is because Google is the most preferable search engine around the world. Most of people use Google to search anything so that i strongly recommend you must submit your Blog into Google.

Some simple steps for submitting into Google:

  • Now, all you have to do is to put your URL (your Blog site. Example:, Comments (write your Blog description here), Optional (you must type some word the same like on the box) and "Add URL"

  • At that time you finish submit your Blog, the confirmation will show you that you have successfully submitted 
The benefit of submitting into Google search engine is the reader will easily find your Blog especially when people type some keyword which reflect your Blog about. This is one of the best way to optimize your Blog. Good Luck

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Optimize Blog By Connecting With Twitter

Another popular Social Network that you must create is "Twitter" which help you to connect with people around the world. Promote your Blog by sign up on Twitter Account. The good thing is when you follow and be followed by people, at that time you update your article directly people also read your update news. Let me show you how to connect Twitter into your Blog. Just follow some steps below:
  •  Create Twitter Account (please refer to here to sign up Twitter). Better you create that reflect your Blog about. If you have already sign in.
  • before create Twitter Button on your Blogger, i would like to share website which have various twitter button, you can get on lead411,,, each twitter button need a ID. To find your ID is by choosing profil. Copy the last number is located on the top bar, in some case twitter does not show the number ID, for example http://twitter/#/mysoftwareapp (please change mysoftwareapp with your twitter name)
  • Paste your twitter ID into box something like below and click "GO", each of under Twitter button has a HTML code and combine with your Twitter ID as well.

  • Next, Open your Blogger and choose design, find "Add Gadget"

  • Get HTML code and copy and paste the code from highlight code above picture. Save it
  • Now, try to view your Blog, if you add successfully, your favorite Twitter button will appear. (Note:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Optimizing Blog With Connect Into Facebook

Writing some articles into your Blog is the most important weapon to attract people read it. Beside that, one of the best way to promote our articles is by sharing into Social Networking. At this moment, one of popular Social Network that people already know is using "Facebook" which almost people have it as well as find new friends. By connecting your Blog into Facebook account, this way will definitely not only improve your traffic member but also introduce your Blog as well.

Today, i would like to help you for creating a Facebook business account, all you have to do is to follow my instruction below:
  • Firstly, you must have a Facebook account first (if you do not have, click here to register). After you have it, choose "Create Page" located below.

  • on the right side, you may choose one what reflect your Blog about instead of fill up your Blog name

  • Next is you must fill up all the information, please choose i already have a facebook account means that you can manage your Blog under your personal name

  • The way Facebook looks like below screenshoot, in here you can explore any tools that Facebook provide to you (add picture, information, even you are able to promote your Blog with an ad)

  • Furthermore, the most important thing is how you connect your Blog with Facebook so that by the time people come into your Blog and click Facebook, they will be brought to your facebook site. 
  • Now, before you connect it, better you may find various Facebook Icon on   
  • after you choose one, then insert your profile ID click the button. (to find your Profile ID is just open your Facebook account and choose profile, on the top of bar, there have an ID number, copy it). 

  • Open your Blogger, choose design and add gudget to get HTML code, Paste into these HTML and save it. Try to view page, if success the Facebook icon will appear on your Blog (choose location that visible so that reader can find easily). Good Luck

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Optimize Blog With Changing Layout

Today, we are gonna learn to make a layout design which Blogger already provide on your Blog. Designing layout of Blog will also influence the appearance of Blog design because the way you create a layout design is definitely determining whether the reader will feel enjoy or not.

Now, you need to follow my instruction for making layout on your Blogger:
  • Firstly, Log in to your Blogger and click Design, then choose template designer something like below

  • Moreover, choose layout, there have at least 7 different body layout that you may choose according to your desire. Some of layout are shown below picture:

  •   Beside change body layout, you also can change footer layout as well, by the time you choose, scroll down and look the preview. If you have choosen, just click "Apply to Blog".
  •  View your Blog and "Viola" you have changed your layout Blog more interesting compare with just normal layout before. The benefit from changing layout Blog is to make your Blog appearance looks good to reader so that the reader will love it. Good Luck

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Improve Blog With Addthis Sharing Bookmark

Having a good article is a must, but it does not looks complete without one of this tool which is called "Addthis". This tool helps you to share your article into your friends, business or other reader outside there. Moreover, with adding "Addthis tool" into your Blogger, it will absolutely improve your Blog especially for sharing articles. Now, i am guiding you to create "Addthis Bookmark" with just following simple steps below:
  • open your browser and type "Addthis" into Google and click the site.
  • once you come into Addthis site, choose get add this located above.
  • The first step is to choose blogger because you use blogger and then scroll down, you are able to choose style of Gadget sharing with just tick one of them, the screenshoot will look like below

  • There have two choice either you want to add analytics (must register first) or just get the code.

  • Next window will show you to Grab the code means that if you are willing to put this code by HTML code, choose design and add Gadget, then find HTML by Cut and Paste something like below
  • Second way is by select design and choose edit HTML, to put code inside HTML code you must check the expand widget templates checkbox. This checkbox is located in the top right corner of the page, above the code. By clicking the checkbox, the code in the field below will refresh.   
  • Copy and paste the AddThis code snippet into the template, right after the <div class='post-footer'> tag. Note: If you have trouble finding this DIV, try copying and pasting the blogger code into a text file editing program and do a search for 'post-footer'. Once you located it, copy and paste the AddThis button code below the DIV. Then copy the entire text file and replace the code on blogger. 
  • Click Save Template, and you're done! A new page will load along with a confirmation at the top of the page should appear that reads, "Your changes have been saved. View blog." Click View Blog to preview your blog with the new AddThis button. The button should appear beneath each blog post 

That guides above are easy right, so if you have interesting articles, LET SHARE IT. the advantage is the reader can recommend your article with share it by using various Bookmark from Addthis. the more your share article, the more reader will come into your Blog. See you again.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Optimizing Blog With Creating "New Page"

Designing Blog does not mean only focus on wallpaper, color or widget but the other optimization is making a new page. Today, i am teaching you how to make a New Page on Blogger so that when the reader come to your Blog, they do not get lose direction. Moreover, creating a New Page will definitely help the reader to know what your Blog has instead of articles. It is easy, all you have to do is just follow the instruction below that i show you:

  • open your Blogger and click "Posting", there have three sub menu such as new post, edit post and edit pages. Choose Edit pages to create New Page. Basically, the way you create a New Page is similar with the way you write an article, inside this you can create whatever you like something like screenshoot below (Note: you are able to create up to 10 page)

  • Next, you can choose how your page appear either blog sidebar or blog tabs, then save and publish.

 As a result, the example of New Page can be seen like my home page, some of the usefull page that mostly Webmaster used are "Contact Us", "Sitemap" (it will discuss on the next section), "About Us" and many more. I hope you enjoy and keep trying to make it your Blog more powerfull. Good Luck

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How To Create RSS feed and Email Subscription

Basically, when you have some articles and people like reading your article because of interesting content. It is the best time to ask reader in order to subscribe. Today, i am going to teach you on how to create a RSS feed gadget so that at the time people read the article and like it, they can easily find RSS feed which help them follow and subscribe your Blog. the best widget is called FeedBurner is the tool that we will discuss and apply to your Blog. RSS means that Really Simple Syndication 

You just need to follow simple steps below:
  • Type on Google browser "FeedBurner" and come into the site In this case you need to have a Google Account (if you do not have create Google Account)  

  • After that, go back into the main site on feedburner, then type both Username and Password

  • on the first step, please type inside your Blog address (don't forget to type http://) click "Next" to burn your Blog.

  • when the Burner is completed, you will definitely be able to create variety of tool from FeedBurner, these three common tools which is usually used by webmaster such as RSS (choose Chicklet Chooser) and tick whatever you like, then select Blogger it will automatically appear on your Blog.

  • Second tool is FeedCount which means your Blog will show you how many visitor come into your Blog. You also be able to choose the color, like usual select Blogger to connect with your Blog automatically.
  • Lastly is Email subscribe which means you provide the box to ask people for typing their email address to get your update article. Select Email subscriptions and choose Blogger for connecting automatically.

 That is it, these three common tools which Email, RSS, FeedCount will increase your blog significantly instead of analyzing your Blog with graph as well as statistic data. Good Luck
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