Thursday, February 17, 2011

Optimize Blog By Connecting With Twitter

Another popular Social Network that you must create is "Twitter" which help you to connect with people around the world. Promote your Blog by sign up on Twitter Account. The good thing is when you follow and be followed by people, at that time you update your article directly people also read your update news. Let me show you how to connect Twitter into your Blog. Just follow some steps below:
  •  Create Twitter Account (please refer to here to sign up Twitter). Better you create that reflect your Blog about. If you have already sign in.
  • before create Twitter Button on your Blogger, i would like to share website which have various twitter button, you can get on lead411,,, each twitter button need a ID. To find your ID is by choosing profil. Copy the last number is located on the top bar, in some case twitter does not show the number ID, for example http://twitter/#/mysoftwareapp (please change mysoftwareapp with your twitter name)
  • Paste your twitter ID into box something like below and click "GO", each of under Twitter button has a HTML code and combine with your Twitter ID as well.

  • Next, Open your Blogger and choose design, find "Add Gadget"

  • Get HTML code and copy and paste the code from highlight code above picture. Save it
  • Now, try to view your Blog, if you add successfully, your favorite Twitter button will appear. (Note:


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