Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Optimizing Blog With Connect Into Facebook

Writing some articles into your Blog is the most important weapon to attract people read it. Beside that, one of the best way to promote our articles is by sharing into Social Networking. At this moment, one of popular Social Network that people already know is using "Facebook" which almost people have it as well as find new friends. By connecting your Blog into Facebook account, this way will definitely not only improve your traffic member but also introduce your Blog as well.

Today, i would like to help you for creating a Facebook business account, all you have to do is to follow my instruction below:
  • Firstly, you must have a Facebook account first (if you do not have, click here to register). After you have it, choose "Create Page" located below.

  • on the right side, you may choose one what reflect your Blog about instead of fill up your Blog name

  • Next is you must fill up all the information, please choose i already have a facebook account means that you can manage your Blog under your personal name

  • The way Facebook looks like below screenshoot, in here you can explore any tools that Facebook provide to you (add picture, information, even you are able to promote your Blog with an ad)

  • Furthermore, the most important thing is how you connect your Blog with Facebook so that by the time people come into your Blog and click Facebook, they will be brought to your facebook site. 
  • Now, before you connect it, better you may find various Facebook Icon on http://facebookicon.net   
  • after you choose one, then insert your profile ID click the button. (to find your Profile ID is just open your Facebook account and choose profile, on the top of bar, there have an ID number, copy it). 

  • Open your Blogger, choose design and add gudget to get HTML code, Paste into these HTML and save it. Try to view page, if success the Facebook icon will appear on your Blog (choose location that visible so that reader can find easily). Good Luck


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