Thursday, February 10, 2011

Optimize Blog With Changing Layout

Today, we are gonna learn to make a layout design which Blogger already provide on your Blog. Designing layout of Blog will also influence the appearance of Blog design because the way you create a layout design is definitely determining whether the reader will feel enjoy or not.

Now, you need to follow my instruction for making layout on your Blogger:
  • Firstly, Log in to your Blogger and click Design, then choose template designer something like below

  • Moreover, choose layout, there have at least 7 different body layout that you may choose according to your desire. Some of layout are shown below picture:

  •   Beside change body layout, you also can change footer layout as well, by the time you choose, scroll down and look the preview. If you have choosen, just click "Apply to Blog".
  •  View your Blog and "Viola" you have changed your layout Blog more interesting compare with just normal layout before. The benefit from changing layout Blog is to make your Blog appearance looks good to reader so that the reader will love it. Good Luck


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