Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obtimizing Blog By SubmittingTo Google Search Engine

Today, i am going to talk about how important of submitting your Blog into Web submission. One of important thing which make our Blog famous is you must submit your Blog to Google. It is a great way because if you have a good Blog as well as rich contents, but without submit into the famous Web like Google, your Blog definitely become less visitor compare with Blog which submit into Google. Moreover, why we use Google submission, the reason is because Google is the most preferable search engine around the world. Most of people use Google to search anything so that i strongly recommend you must submit your Blog into Google.

Some simple steps for submitting into Google:

  • Now, all you have to do is to put your URL (your Blog site. Example: http://blogcenterhelp.blogspot.com), Comments (write your Blog description here), Optional (you must type some word the same like on the box) and "Add URL"

  • At that time you finish submit your Blog, the confirmation will show you that you have successfully submitted 
The benefit of submitting into Google search engine is the reader will easily find your Blog especially when people type some keyword which reflect your Blog about. This is one of the best way to optimize your Blog. Good Luck


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