Sunday, June 26, 2011

Add Star Rating On Blogger post

If we go searching on the internet and we read some articles on Blog, sometimes we wonder how to rate this Blog? is there any tool to rate how good article?. Moreover, giving a comment is the common way to show their expression about article. Now, there have a tool of making a rating to show how good the article is which is called "Star Rating". Adding star rating widget help you to know how good your article. it means that after you write the article and post it, when people read and interest with the article they can determine by clicking any rating here. One site that provide the best widget rating star is Today Blog tutorial i will share how to add star rating on Blog. The screenshot will look like below:

O)k, let's begin to do it, all are easy as long as you follow my instruction below:
  • Open to
  • Choose "Get Blog Widget", select thumbnail and star rating the picture like below:

  • Next, choose your platform, in here you choose "Blogger blogspot", and check i agree then "Install"
  • You will be brought to your Blogger account, log in and select a blog and title, then "Add Widget"

  • Finally you can see the widget star rating appear on your Widget. Easy right, keep making Blog look more professional with following me. See you on the next post "HAPPY BLOGGING". 


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  2. nice, now i know where is my nice article and not.. thx from


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