Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To become Hostgator Affiliate marketing

In some previous post we already learn so many thing about blog tutorial. Today i want to share with you relating about how to make money online through affiliate program and one of the best affiliate program is "Hostgator". what is Affiliate program? you can read here. This is a webhosting affiliate program which is popular at this moment with a cheap price. Moreover, with many webmaster use this as their hosting for business, we can take a big opportunity to become affiliate marketing by selling to them. Beside that, you also be able to get money from your referral means that people sign up under your url or name. some of benefit that Hostgator offer to you can be seen below picture: "INTEREST?"

let's start making money now, follow some simple steps below to add hosgator link affiliate:

  • Under hostgator affiliate, you will see many features availabe there, choose "Banner Link"
  • Here you can choose what type both dimension and category of banner you want to appear on your blog. Let's say you choose "View Shared Yellow Banners".

  • Click Get code and copy all script
  • Now, log in to blogger account
  • Choose design > Add Gadget > Add HTML
  • Paste code here and save it
  • It is done, you can see by clixk view blog and your hostgator banner appear on your gadget. All are easy right.

When people buy through your affiliate program under your name, they will pay out to you and the good thing is Hostgator does not make any minimum payout, no matter how many you can sell it, they will pay you out. But, mostly the payout is about 60 days after people do a registration and using a Paypal.

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