Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To Create Blogger

At this time, creating blog is definitely the first right step to do because when you have a blog, you can do anything like designing your blog, add many gadget as well as earn money. So today i am teaching you how to create blog by following some simple steps below:
  • Firstable, before you browse to blogger, you must have an email. In this case, i suggest to create Google Account which is Gmail, Click here to create Gmail (if you don't have).
  • After you have an Gmail account, now time to open The window will be looked like this below picture:

  • Basically, there have three simple steps, create your account (in here, you should fill out all information which is provided by blogger)after that click "Continue" to the next step.

  • Second step is name your Blog, be careful when selecting name of your Blog, think first what Blog you intent to write. Moreover, you need to find name that relate to what title you want to create ( short and easy to people remember is the best choice) and if possible, create title as same as blog account so that when people is typing keyword according to what they look for and read your blog site the same with title, people will not disappoint. ( DON'T MAKE BLOG SITE OPPOSITE WITH TITLE OR CONTENT, for instant you want to create blog talking about food, but you create Blog site fashion). then Click "Continue"

  • The last step is choosing a template according to your desire, in here you are free to choose one of some available template provided by Blogger. then Click "Continue" (don't be afraid if you want to change your template or background color is possible later). Then Click "Continue". Now you have successfully created your Blog and ready to explore.

 It is absolutely easy as long as you follow my guide. This is a good time to try write an article by clicking on "Posting" and choose "New Post" after you  write then "Publish Post" so that you are able to look your article. See you on the next article. Watch Video here. Good Luck everyone.


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