Saturday, March 19, 2011

Find Nickle Market By Using Google Insight and Google Trend

As we know that when you are creating a Blog and intend to offer something like service or goods, you should make a plan by targeting the right people. Furthermore, the best way of advertising your Blog is to find a nickle market means that this market this kind of market need service or good which more specific than normal market. Another opportunity is less competitor so that your Blog can be found easily by people. Basically, finding a nickle market is not easy to be found. But, when you find it, it will definitely give much benefit to you. 

Some of reasons why you must to target the nickle market rather than wide market:
  • Less Competitor because there have a little site which provide particular service or goods
  • Chance to stand in the first position on search engine both Google and Yahoo
  • Your Blog might has a big chance to be visited by people
  • It can increase the visitor from your Blog 
Generally, webmaster usually employ some tool which help them to find the nickle market like "Google Trend", "Google Insight". These two tools are really helpful for you because inside both Google trend and insight provide so many analysis. In fact, you can be able to find which one is nickle or not. 

The best way to find the nickle market are shown below:
  • Think what kind of services or goods that you want to offer (try to find by typing on search engine, do a research)
  • Make sure the competitor as little as possible (example: less then 5000 result)

  • Choose the market which has a big demand but less provider (example: there have only 5 sell PC provider, but the demand of PC can be more than 100)  


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