Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Take Adsense Program Code

Basically, at this time we sign up to Google Adsense, we will receive email notification from Google that give us both term and condition and guides. You need to make sure, you have read TOS first to avoid any mistake which can lead to be "banned" if you break the role. Last post i had told you about tips to build site for Google Adsense read and now in this post, i would like to tell you about how to take adsense code so that you will do correctly. Ok, let's begin by using your username and password to login, follow some steps below:
  • Login to your account, choose menu "Adsense setup", in this section there have four option that you can choose it like Adsense for content, Adsense for search, Adsense for feeds, Adsense for domain. 
  • After you choose one, like example you choose Adsense for content then choose type of ads you want to be appear in your Blog. There have two option between Ad unit or Link unit, Ad unit will be devided into three such as text and image ads, text ads only and image ads only. 
  • Next, you can manage both size and color of your ads, as i know people like using 336x280 (square/rectangles) because this size is appropriate  be placed as part of blog article, meanwhile 728x90 (Leaderboard) is oftenly be placed under your logo and 160x600 (Skycrapper) is more suit be placed at the end or in the middle article.
  • Moreover, you also can add a "Channel" for your ads. Using a channel is helping you to track your ads like how many click, how many ads appear and many more. Because of this, you should add channel on each of ads. Please, use a name of channel differently and easy to be remembered as well as reflect your format or ads placing.

  • Last step, you just take a code for your ads, copy the script and paste into HTML code of your Blog.

    By following five steps above, i hope that you can manage size, type, color to suit with your Blog in order to get better ads result because these ways is definitely influence your earning. Next post i am gonna explain more further about Adsense program. Good luck


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