Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Sign Up Google Adsense

As we know friends, one of the best PPC (Paid Per Click) is "Google Adsense". Many of webmaster has generate much income from this program and this is definitely great program that you must to join up. Moreover, this is a big chance for you to earn money online through Google Adsense. Last post i had posted the role of Google Adsense before you join in, if you has not read yet just read now (very useful information). Today, i would like to share how to sign up for Google Adsense and apply into your Blog immediately. Here are some tips that you should follow:
  • Fill the form for which there is as complete as possible such as your Blog address (example:, the language used to your address. Remember! this address should be completed and correct because google will send you the check throught this address.

  • Next, come the confirmation page that you fill in the data. If any data is incorrect, you can go back to stuffing the page with the click of the back. Choose between two options using a google account that you have two google adsense account or create a new one.
  • If you choose to use a gmail account, the page will appear login using gmail account.
  • you have successfully made Google Adsense account.
  • Before you can put Google Adsense, you have to wait around 1-2 days for Google approval. Within this time, Google will check the web address of your Blog that you register before. If all are valid and eligible, you will also receive a confirmation email to approve so you can start putting Google Adsense.
  • Now, activated by using your Google Adsense account.
  • During the first activation Google Adsense page that appears is the term and conditions of this program. Learn both good policy and its provisions.
  • Click the continue after you first choose the option already read the policy and provisions of Google Adsense program.
  • Click part of get started for Adsense for search if you choose through a Google search feature on the web or Blog. This feature is a common feature which always be choosen by webmaster.
  • Click get started, you are ready to setup the ads that will appear in your web.
  • Fill option Adsense for search upon request.
  • Then also select the type of branding style for your preferred search box and click continue.
  • Select a color palette of ads that you like. As advice, match the color palette with colors and themes webpage or Blog as well as the result page.
  • Fill in the name of the search result page is done in your web or Blog. And also click obtain consent of all the policies and provisions of this program. Then click submit and get code.
  • Copy the code that you have got on this page.
  • Use this code to put into your Blog, in this case if you use Blogspot, you need to add widget, then choose HTML to paste the code here. Then save it.
  • With no longer time, Google Adsense ads will appear.
In summary, i hope that you can follow this guide step by step and earn money soon. Actually, Google Adsense has many various of tool, you can use all of them, use your creation on putting Ads. Next post i would like to share more detail related about Google Adsense. Good Luck friends.


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