Monday, August 15, 2011

Start Earning Money With Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense

As high web development program demand, website or Blog are always becoming the most popular ways for advertiser. It means that the advertiser think by putting many ads on two Blog and Website can spread widely around the world rather than use manual advertising method. Looking at this reason Google has initiative to create something to help advertiser promote their ads on website and one of Google features called "Google Adsense". This program has been becoming the most popular pay per click program among others PPC out there. Basically, Google Adsense is a program which able to put any ads program through Website or Blog like text, image, and video advertisements as well so that Website owner can earn money from adding ads on their own site in order to be clicked by visitors. Watch Video Here


The Benefit Of Adsense

If you use Google Adsense in your Blog, you will definitely get some benefit from this program. One of benefit is you can earn money not just from one Blog, means that you can create more than one site no limitation of creating Blog. The more you create a Blog, the more you have a chance to be clicked by visitors. More benefit like it is "FREE" no single money to register in this Adsense program. Furthermore, Google set to be a simple way for Blog owner for putting Adsense ads program. It also give you various ways to promote ads like using text, video, link ads, picture as well as control your site earning with Google Analytical. Another benefit is Google will set all ads automatically depend on what content you have.  

How Adsense Works

Logically, there have three connection which are advertiser who advertize their ads, Google who as a intermediary, visitors who need a ads, these three will make Adsense works. Let say that advertiser need to promote their ads by giving banner,text,video to Google and Google will put their ads spreadly into Website or Blog owner after that visitor may look for information by clicking ads. More extrem example, you want to promote your Blog and people should use Google Adword let say you bid $10 per click, then Google will put your Blog ads to other Blog or Website in this case if there have any visitor click on this ads, the website owner will receive money maybe $7 from Google. The rest is taken by Google around $3 

Some Requirement Before Adding Adsense

Before you are going to register to add Adsense program to your site, it is better you must read some of requirement from Google otherwise you will feel dificult to be accepted. Having a Blog or Website is one of requirement. The most factor that you have to concern is must use own content no copy and paste from other sources, make sure your Blog or Website has been built around 6 month. After you sign up does not mean you do not do anything, you should keep updating an article so taht Google will look that your site is active. Beside that please prove a "VALID" information like address,email,name to run smootly. Read TOS of Adsense here 

How Much You Can Earn

It is not fix income that you can earn every month with the same amount of money, this can be fluctuated income. Some of reason why this can be happended because depend on what content you write, means that if you write with rich and popular content, you can get much ads on your site. On the other hand, if you writte no popular content you might end with community ads which no generate income due to less ads. The most influence factor of your earning is the way you place ads, you should try million times to get a better ads placement. High traffic also bring much impact, the more you have much visitor the more chance your ads are clicked by them. As a result, let's hurry start signing up Adsense program and earn money now.


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