Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Alternative Social Network With Google Plus Button


As we know that almost all website or Blog is associated with social network to connect with their funs or people. The popular social network both twitter and facebook can get huge amount of member, social network is a common features to get along with each other and it is really useful especially for optimizing Blog. The next generation of social network feature is called "Google Plus". This is new feature which is created by Google and Larry Page (CEO of Google) claimed that Google Plus can become the most complete features compare with facebook which still to be number one social network around the word.  

It goes without saying that Google plus and pronounced “plus one” is a great button which looks similar to Facebook Like button or even tweet button. It shows to your friends that recommended your post. If we see Facebook Like shows them under the button in your post meanwhile for Google +1 shows them under your post in Google SERP (search engine results pages). In fact, this feature is taking an important metric the search giant to rank your content as well. Moreover, the more people hit the Google + on your article, the more opportunity your blog will be stood on the first line of Google Search Index.

Some of basic features of Google Plus like:

1.      Circle, you can make a group separately based on friend category, family, friends in office etc.
2.      Hangout, to show you that you are able to do online or webcam chat face to face with your friends as well as to set how many people want to talk with you.
3.      Sparks, in this feature, you can take any video or articles based on your hobby and save into your profile as a favorite one.


It is very essential for bloggers to take part in this social network as well as promote their blog. Furthermore, it is not only a sharing tool but also an important promoting one. Currently, almost all webmaster no matter who they are, pro or novice in SEO field, they have already add Google + button on their blogs, forum or any website, portal. It also allows your readers to recommend your posts to their Google friends and contacts right from your blog post. Basically, it will work on both multi-post pages (home page, archive etc.) and individual/post page etc. Another benefit is the Plus one button will have a major impact on your Search results, when a friend of yours does a search in Google, your +1s will count and you can also get a detailed report about the +1 metric in how it affects your search traffic over at Webmaster Tools.

Sometimes not all reader will definitely hit the button and promote your article even though you have reminded them. The most important thing is you need to be smart in the way of adding Google + button before let it draws more attention from readers to your blog.

However, some of people notice that Google +1 button method has one downside which is only displayed while your reader visits the article. But, it is not appear on the homepage, so that you may lost some opportunities to get more popular with Google +. Generally, I suggest you should add this button immediately into your Blog to get good impression as well as increase your value and ranking on Google Search Index. The next post i am going to teach you add Google Plus button, just keep following me.


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