Monday, September 12, 2011

Get Index In Search Engine Faster By Using Ping

We are oftenly posting new article into our Blog in order to get index by search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN. we always hope that our new article can be found easily for people when they are searching on the internet. Beside that using a good keyword, target and great story all are useless if search engine can not detect your article, there have another good tool to help our new article will be indexed faster called "PING". This tool has been commonly used by webmaster after they post a new article. Today post let me explain a little bit about using Ping.

The Benefit Of Using Ping

Some benefit if you use Ping for your new article can give a good position in SERP, traffic, backlink as well because we do this to tell all information from our Blog into search engine. As i know that this also associate with improvement both visitor and pagerank one day instead of optimization for your ranking SEO. Moreover, search engine will find a new article faster than just a normal post. The faster our new article are indexed by search engine, the more chance our new article can be found by visitor. 

List Of Ping Service

Basically, you can do a Ping with two methods in manual or automatically. Some of web has provided a Ping service automatically to help you spread update article quickly. here are a common used by webmaster:

And if you want to use manually, here are some lists of Ping service below:


As a result, i suggest that do not make a Ping oftenly especially coming from just 1 IP address because Google may think this Blog is a "SPAM" and if Google find this, your Blog is in danger and it may reduce your SERP in Google eyes. Of course we do not want this happen to our Blog. That is why use this Ping wisely, means that you need to make a Ping if you want to update article only. One times for 1 article is enough. Share what you think thx..


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