Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Add Textarea HTML Code In Blogger

On the previous post we had learned so many things about blog tutorial, hope you can definitely get many benefit. By the way, at the time you are visiting any blog tutorial, you will notice some of them may use the box which called “Textarea”. It is very useful to place any HTML code like a script inside the box. The benefit is of course you can save space as many as possible. Moreover, do you know that if you are putting so many codes or have a long sentence, sometimes it will take much space so that the article looks very long. This way is not good for your article beside that people may lazy to read because too long. That is why I would like to help you in order to make it simple and efficient. By using textarea around your post area, you will be able to save space as many as possible. Basically, textarea is used by webmaster to put some HTML code and it will look more professional.

Ok, let start now by following my instruction below:
  1. Firstly, Log in to your blogger Account
  2. Choose New Post
  3. By the time you want to insert the code just choose edit HTML, paste the code around your post 
  4. Generally, there have many type of making textarea, let me show you one by one

Textarea Wrapping

<textarea cols=”20 row=”5” wrap=”hard”>
Type Your text area in here

Textarea No Wrapping

<textarea cols=”20 row=”5” wrap=”off”>
Type Your text area in here

If you want to add color as well just add the following code below

<textarea name="code" rows="2" cols="42" style="background:#A9F5A9;  color:#295F00; border:2px #295F00 dashed; line-height:1.5em;  padding:5px;"> TYPE YOUR TEXT AREA IN HERE </textarea>

The red color above you can change it according to what you like. And the blue color is where you write your text or insert your HTML code. The wrap attribute refers to how the text reacts when it reaches the end of each row in the text field. Wrapping can be one of three settings such as soft, hard, off

  • Soft forces the words to wrap once inside the text area but when the form is submitted, the words will no longer appear as such (Line breaks will not be added).
  • Hard wraps the words inside the text box and places line breaks at the end of each line so that when the form is submitted it appears exactly as it does in the text box.
  • Off sets a textarea to ignore all wrapping and places the text into one ongoing line.

5. Choose one of script HTML code above, Copy and Paste the code into your post (you can place the code anywhere around your post)

6. Then save it, to look a preview just view Blog. If nothing is wrong you will see the textarea appear together with script code inside the box. All are easy right, optimize your Blog now and “NEVER STOP TO LEARN” guys. See you on the next post. Good luck


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