Tuesday, October 4, 2011

List Of Do Follow Blog And Bookmarking 2011 With High Pagerank

In this time, i would like to share what i had been doing a research in some blogs as well as bookmarking site which make them as a "Do follow blog". As we know that one of the best way to get backlink is by commenting as much as possible into blog which has do follow. Means that these kinds of blog will allow your comment to be appear on their blog. Chances are we are gonna get backlink directly from them. However, some of us may not give a worthy comment or just doing a "Spam". It is not good and even useless effort if we just low quality comment, they do not put your comment appear. So that i am begging you to comment as good as possible, at least give them feedback in what they had written. Here are some list of both Do follow blog and bookmarking that i got below enjoy and "DO NOT BE SPAM".

Dofollow Blog List:
PageRank 7 Blogs

PageRank 6 Blogs

Page Rank 5 Blogs

PageRank 4 Blogs

And here are some bookmarking site that has "Do follow Bookmarking":


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