Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Best 6 Programs To Earn Money Online

Currently, Blog is not just for posting an article which content information. But today, the owner of Blog can definitely earn money from their Blog. Moreover, Blogger lets you to make money by adding various ways to make money online which has been provided by Other website. How Blog can earn money? Actually, beside you write some articles into your Blog, you also can add some Advertising in the middle of writing an article or put advertising around your Blog such as on Widget, Header, Footer whatever you like to put it.

Today, i would like to share what kind types of advertising which be able to earn money for you. Basically, there have many ways to earn money but in this part i will explain 6 common program below:
  1. Affiliate Marketing, this program will pay you if you can sell some product through your Blog, example: you join in Amazon program affiliate and put the advertising product into your Blog, one of your friend click and do an transaction so that you can earn money, usually as a commission (in percentage).
  2. Pay Per Click, this the most preferable program of webmaster because you will be paid when the visitor click through advertising only, that is very simple and many of Webmasters use this program to earn money, even can earn thousand of dollar. One of popular PPC program is called "Google Adsense".  
  3. Paid To Click, you can earn money for just clicking advertising which is provided by PTC program. the amount of money depends on Advertiser start from $0,01-$1, the payment gateway is using Paypal, E-Gold, Alertpay. PTC is the most easiest way to earn money.
  4. Paid To Review, this program will pay you if you review a product in particular like writing and explain the product into your Blog. This program is very interesting because they may give you much more money than other program, you can earn money every post review of their product even you can ask how many money you want to be paid off. But, Paid to Review program sometimes need a Blog which has  high Rank or much visitor.
  5. Pay Per Post, this program will pay you the money every time you post your article and the Business provider will value how good your article, if the article has a much benefit, they will pay you more than usual price. 
  6. Paid To Surfer, you will get paid at that time you are browsing through the internet by show their pop up of advertising. the more you are surfing the internet, the more money you can earn. 
These 6 major program of getting money through the internet you should join up.  In conclusion, some of tips to choose the right program is by looking at how log this program ever as well as proof of payment. I will discuss program one by one in the next post so "Don't Miss It".


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