Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earn money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Coming up with Affiliate marketing program is one of the best choice that you must to consider. It is because most people who have a website or Blog intent to use as maximal as possible. Means that you can write your article as well as earn money from there so that this yours opportunity, more importantly if you have a huge traffic in your blog. Today, i am going to share for making money with one of Affiliate marketing called "AMAZON". This affiliate program offer you many staff that you can sell it.

Generally, i will explain to you how the Amazon affiliate program works:
  1. You just need to put advertising like picture, link into your Blog
  2. At the time people click through the advertising, the visitor will be brought  through Amazon website
  3. if they buy from your link, you will get some commission.
Now, i will teach you how to earn money with affiliate marketing, here are some simple step below:

  • type your email address, you can choose "I am a new customer"

  • put all the information which has been given to you as well as your account information and "Continue"

  • type your website profile information include your website content and subject.
  • the amazon will offer you the term of condition (please read before go to the next one)
  • After that, you will get confirmation about thank you for applying to the affiliate program, in this section you will get the unique Associate ID

  • Choose the payment method which has three choice: Pay me by direct deposit, Pay me by Check, Pay me by Gift card.

  • The last step is you will be brought through the main dashboard amazon affiliate, in here you can start choosing type of advertising you like.

To add HTML code of amazon is easy, you can choose link & banner or Widgets. then choose type of banner display to get HTML code, copy and paste into Gadget from your blog. The advertising can be on sidebar, header, footer, even inside post. Here is an example Blog which add amazon affiliate visit Good Luck


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